CPhI PAT and QbD Workshop 2019

Process analytical technology is a part of FDA's QbD mandate. Indian companies are having major challenges in implementing the same and would like to know about case studies on how it has been implemented globally. It is become crucial to understand and adopt the current industrial and regulatory perspectives on QbD and PAT in pharmaceuticals and (bio) pharmaceutical development

CPhI PAT and QbD Workshop is designed keeping the importance of PAT and QbD for the pharmaceutical industry. The Workshop is scheduled from 21-22 February 2019 at The Park, Hyderabad, India which will include topics like: Understanding the guidelines from FDA, Challenges of Implementing QbD and PAT for dosage and non dosage forms, Critical Process Parameters (CPPs), Process Performance & Product Quality Monitoring System, ICH Q8, Q9. Q10 and a panel discussion focusing on the need to design, analyze, and control pharmaceutical manufacturing processes by adopting PAT and QbD for drug development

Key Topics 2019

  • Current industrial and regulatory perspectives on QbD and PAT in pharmaceuticals and (bio)pharmaceutical development
  • Innovations in continuous manufacturing science and technology for biologicals and pharmaceuticals
  • Upstream and Downstream QbD - PAT Applications
  • Case studies of successful implementation of PAT from development to manufacturing


Benefits of attending

Understanding the guidelines from FDA

International speakers from top pharma Companies and international Trainer

Case studies from top companies

2-day extensive learning

12+ hours of learning from industry expert

Who should attend?

Industries / Categories:
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Life sciences
  • Bio-Pharmaceuticals
  • Vice Presidents
  • Associate Vice Presidents
  • Directors
  • Associate Directors
  • Deputy General Manager
  • General Manager
  • Senior Managers
  • Managers
  • Assistant Managers
  • Senior Executives
  • Principal Engineer
  • Process Engineers
  • QA
  • Product Development/ Research and Development

Who should Partner?

Companies offering QbD and PAT Solutions
  • PAT Tools Providers
  • QbD consultants
  • Software solutions

Industries / Categories
  • Pharma Technology and Software Providers


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